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About Cameo Necklaces

Heavy sighs and long lasting looks were some of the dreamy characteristics for two lovebirds in a black and white movie. Another popular sign of affection was to wear a cameo necklace with an engraving of your loved one's silhouette on the pendant. The silhouette was made by tracing it from the shadow of your beau. To exude an air of romance and Victorian style, you can pair a vintage cameo necklace with an airy, lacy blouse. These beautiful pieces are still made and have been updated in a different few ways. You can now find a more modern or Gothic black cameo necklace in place of the original cream and peach colored ones. They also come in different designs, one popular one being a rose in full bloom. Luckily, many reliable sellers on eBay offer a large range of cameo necklaces to match exactly what you are looking for.