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About Cameo Lot

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into the making of a vintage or antique gemstone cameo, miniature raised reliefs to go ga-ga over. One rarely finds dissatisfaction with a cameo lot purchase. Of course, closer inspection for missing pins and stress lines is a given but if you're a lover of finely carved, authentic, and timeless treasures, then all you get is hours of pleasure poring over and marveling at the artisanship of say, a stamped antique cameo lot. Josiah Wedgwood cameo, anyone? Then the contemporary hand or machine carved designs for brooches, pendants, pins, rings, and bracelets, also in conch shell, agate, resin, or glass, offer their own lustrous rewards. The motifs run the gamut from famous rulers' silhouettes to mythological themes and art. Therefore, if you’re waiting for the perfect time to start a beautiful cameo collection or want to add rare items from a vintage cameo lot to your dealer shop, then the time is now. Shop on eBay for your new or used cameo lot. Once home, show it off for compliments, and pat yourself on the back for an investment that appreciates while you wear it.

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