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About Camelot

The King Arthur legend has come to represent the best, most noble aspects of the reign of knights and kings. A romantic concept, Camelot is a perfect place, ruled by a wise and fair king and protected by brave knights that live by a code of chivalry. However, this medieval paradise has its enemies as well. At least that is the storyline captured in so many renditions of the Arthurian legend from the Broadway play and movies to animated films and multiple fiction books. For the Richard Harris 1967 version, "Camelot" DVD and record options are available in vintage quality from reliable sellers on eBay. Featuring Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero, this musical version delighted audiences for years. For kids, the story is retold in "Quest for Camelot," an animated film from Warner Brothers, as well as in Disney's "Sword in the Stone." Of course, fans can also get more grittier versions through the more recent TV series of "Merlin" and the 2011 "Camelot" on DVD, both presenting a less gilded view of the legend. Still, at its heart, the stories of Arthur, Guinevere, and Merlin continue to attract audiences. Rekindle your awe of Camelot with the swords and sorcery in any of these versions of the famed tales. Your young lords and ladies will love them too.