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About Camelbak

Thirst—you encounter it when it’s hot, you feel it when you push yourself, and it’s an ever-present companion to anyone who engages in endurance sports. Camelbak hydration packs and their accessories were created to deal with thirst when sources of water are hard to come by. The idea was born when founder Michael Eidson filled an IV bag with water and carried it with him in a tube sock while competing in a grueling road race. The final product does not resemble a tube sock, but comes in a variety of comfortable backpack-like packs in models tailored for biking, running, or hiking. For example, the Camelbak MULE, designed for cycling, has a splashguard to keep mud at bay and large vents in the back panel to cool the rider's back. All the packs work with a set of accessories including reservoirs and filters to provide clean hands-free hydration any time you need it. Camelbak water bottles offer an alternative when you don't need the larger capacity a hydration pack provides. Hydration packs and accessories are available from reliable sellers on eBay to make your next outdoor adventure a thirst-free one.