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About Camaro V6

Nothing matches the power of American muscle. While most have V8 engines under the hood, the Camaro V6 still provides the speed and power you look for in American muscle cars. The Camaro V6 engine was first introduced in the 1980s with the third-generation Camaros. It's still available for base models of Camaros through newer generations. The fifth-generation Camaro was introduced in 2010 and featured a complete body redesign. All base models come standard with the V6. For the 45th anniversary, the 2012 Camaro V6 offered a special "Carbon Flash Metallic" paint and exclusive 20-inch wheels. The V6 offers 323 horsepower for both automatic and manual transmission models. Given the Camaro's place as a classic car in American history, people enjoy working on the engines to bring them more power or make them louder. Find Camaro engines and parts you need to repair them on eBay from reliable sellers, so you can rev that engine and love the rush of raw power it gives.

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