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About Camaro Headers

You turn the key to your ignition and the car starts quietly while running nice and healthy. As you stare at your instrumental cluster, you wonder how to make this beast faster, then you remember perhaps it is time to install the Camaro Headers. The standard exhaust manifold for most vehicles is produced for the optimal balance of drivability and performance. The LS1 Camaro headers are designed with larger and mandrel bent tubing that allow less back-pressure to be created, which will free more power. Aftermarket LT1 Camaro headers focus on two main designs—long-tubed and short-tubed headers. The long-tubed header aims its power gain on the higher-end of an engine and the short tube variants focus on power from low to mid range. OBX and Pacesetter offer Camaro headers of all types. Fortunately, reliable sellers on eBay have large inventories of new and used performance headers to make finding the perfect fit for your car as easy as a click away.

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