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About Camaro Grills

Driving a powerful car is an experience unlike any other—an experience Chevrolet Camaros have given drivers for decades. From the first iconic model to its present-day variant, these quintessential American muscle cars are easy to recognize, and the Camaro grille plays a large part in the car's unmistakable look. Like other parts of the car, the grille has changed several times as Chevy engineers rolled out each new generation of the car. The first generation had a wide distinct horizontal one that was last seen in the 1969 Camaro grille. Designers replaced this with a narrower vertical grille when the second generation Camaros hit the roads. Third and fourth generation featured a thin Camaro grille below the headlights, but the fifth generation (2010 onwards) brought back the wide horizontal grilles of the first Camaro in a big way. In fact, the 2011 grille stretches across the entire front of the car, hiding the headlights in its depths. Reliable sellers on eBay offer grilles for different Camaro models. Pick one up today to keep your Camaro's sharp face as distinct as ever.