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About Callaway uPro Rangefinder

Eye-catching aerial photos accompanied by pinpoint accuracy and detailed course mapping. If that strikes your heart’s nine iron, the Callaway uPro can help you turn an average game of golf into an experience. Although many phone apps utilize rendered images, this sleek device provides high-definition photos that show true course details for easy shot planning. Picking a club, especially at an unfamiliar golf course, can lead to missed opportunities and extra strokes. With realistic views and exceptional GPS locking, however, you see a detailed map of each hole, which makes finding the right club simple. Quick and accurate data is important to making correct decisions on the course. Where the ball is angled relative to the hole, what direction is best to putt from, and all of the possible shot options are important. Pencil and paper can be saved for mini-golf and timed math tests. An easy-to-use digital score card on the uPro MX keeps track of all the information you need. Even if your golf game takes more time than usual, the Callaway battery lasts up to seven hours with additional battery packs available. You can find the Callaway uPro in new and gently used models on eBay from reliable sellers. Take your golf game to a more calculated, precise level with this pocket-sized device where “see more, know more” helps you plan your shots and improve your game in high-definition.