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About Callaway RAZR Wedges

You are in the middle of a great game, enjoying a crisp morning of long drives and straight putts, when an errant shot puts your ball in the sand. Sighing, you reach for your Callaway RAZR wedge. Getting out of a soft lie requires the accuracy and loft that comes with one of these well-crafted irons. Callaway RAZR technology used for models such as the Callaway RAZR X wedge combines the virtues of a wide sole iron and a thin sole iron and delivers the distance and forgiveness on errant shots that players need along with a playable design. Options such as the Callaway RAZR HL wedge feature a stainless steel cast for a soft and responsive feel and an oversized head that maximizes playability for players of various skill levels. Golfers of all stripes can take advantage of the various Callaway RAZR wedge offerings on eBay, and convenient shipping options ensure you can hit the course quickly.

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