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About Caliper Tools

You want to change your brake pads, but the caliper piston is now to the point of being nearly fully extended. To push the piston back where it belongs so you can remove the pads you will need a caliper tool. This handy tool retracts the piston. You might think you can just force it back in or use a pair of pliers, but this definitely is not recommended. The piston is threaded and needs a brake caliper tool to wind it back in, and pliers can damage the caliper and piston. Whether you are changing your brake pads for the first time yourself or if you have just never let them get to the point of being this worn before, you will appreciate that you can find a caliper tool to accommodate your needs on eBay. A number of reliable sellers offer a large variety of new and used ones. In some cases you are simply getting the tool, but if you are looking for a disc brake caliper tool set with reaction plates, spindles, and a variety of adapters you can find these, too. The universal varieties are quite popular because they are suitable for most vehicles, including some foreign ones. You can even find the occasional vintage one if you are shopping for a unique gift for a true tool enthusiast.