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About California License Plates

When the state Department of Motor Vehicles first issued California license plates in 1913, they only required five numbers. The plates were red with white lettering. There were so many cars in the Golden State by the middle of the 20th century that when the 1951 California license plates were issued, they sported six numbers and a letter. Since 1982, California license plates have been white with blue and red markings, but so many motorists had a hankering for the California black license plates with yellow lettering from the 1960s that they were re-issued in 2013 as legacy plates available for special order. Collectors should know how to tell the difference between the newer legacy plates and the original black plates. Collecting license plates is a rewarding hobby that lets you pay homage to your favorite state in the Union. You can find these historic plates and all those issued in California from experienced sellers on eBay who can help you build your collection of license plates and tags.