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About Calf Sleeves

You run, you jump, you end up in tremendous pain. Your doctor tells you that you need to rest, ice and elevate the injured area, and use a compression device like a calf sleeve that you can find on eBay. But what does the sleeve do, exactly? This is a simple compression device that helps keep blood circulating to the injured areas of your leg. A basketball calf sleeve can keep you in the game, even if you have injured yourself playing. It does not remove all of the pain, but the sleeve offers the support your injury needs. Runners often find themselves dealing with painful shin splints. A compression running calf sleeve lets you keep getting that daily run in while still allowing your body to heal itself. Even folks who are not full-on athletes can get a ton of relief from a calf sleeve. Once you experience the benefits of compression, you may wonder why you ever skipped that part of the rest, ice, compress, and elevate therapy before.