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About Cake Molds

For those who enjoy making fancy cakes, having a collection of cake mold designs allows you to be ready for any festive event. Of course, the standard round or square cake pans act as an extremely simple mold form, but bakers also have a wide choice of Wilton cake molds that include baby designs, famous characters from Disney, holiday styles, and comic book heroes. Also available from reputable sellers on eBay, silicone cake mold types have really revolutionized cake decorations. Imagine having a full-size cake in the shape of a giant flower or heart-shaped cupcakes. These molds come in fancy cake, cupcake, and cake pop sizes and a wide variety of designs. They withstand oven temperatures, clean up in the dishwasher, and have a non-stick surface for easy release of the baked goods. Smaller molds are great with candy, fondant, or chocolate used to make attractive 3D decorations for cake tops. Making and decorating cakes is now incredibly easy so that any homemaker can create beautiful pastries with minimal effort. So get creative for your next baking project with a special-shaped cake mold. You will love the amount you will save over store-bought cakes.