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About Cake Carriers

When you go to the trouble of baking a cake as an office treat or for a party, you want it to stay beautiful on the way there. Since covering it with plastic wrap or foil risks ruining the look of the icing, your best bet is to use a cake carrier. Available in new and vintage condition on eBay, these handy holders provide a plate, large lid, and often a carrying handle that secures and protects the cake without necessarily mushing the icing or having it spill all over your car. Plastic cake carrier types are the most popular since they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. However, those who want a little more style should consider a vintage cake carrier. Available in enamel, tin, and chrome, these old-fashioned dishes often come with some designs, such as flowers or birds. eBay's reputable sellers also offer a cupcake carrier, which hold from 9 to 24 little cakes, usually in stacks. The pastries cannot roll around, ruining your decorating efforts and they arrive fresh and look delicious. After your hard work in baking and icing them, is it not worth an investment to transport them safely?

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