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About Cafe Tanks

If you have an old cafe bike that you want to restore, you need a cafe tank to make it truly authentic. You have to find a tank that is in good shape so that you have no leaks or fire hazards when you take your bike out for a spin. The term "cafe" came to be used in reference to motorcycles during the 1960s Rockabilly era in Britain, as young people raced from one coffee shop to another. Cafe bikes were also popular in Italy and many other places in Europe, though their popularity in America was not as great. Cafe racer tanks look very similar to regular motorcycle tanks at a glance, but the full-size tanks may not fit the bike you are working on. Cafe gas tanks come in many different shapes and colors. Many of the reliable sellers on eBay have restored the tanks prior to offering them for sale, including painting and clear-coating them. There is a wide selection for you to choose from, and you can have your new cafe tank shipped straight to your door.