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About Cafe Racer Motorcycle

In every generation, the young and restless have a need for speed and will stop at nothing to make the machines to meet that need. In the 1960s and 1970s, that machine was a cafe racer motorcycle. Cafe racers are so named because they were built for speed even though they only run short distances between cafes and bars. To make a cafe racer, you take a light bike with a well-handling frame apart and give it a racing engine. Other distinguishing modifications of a cafe racer motorcycle include an elongated, humped single seat, rear-set footrests, and a long fuel tank with indentations for the rider's knees to hug the frame. Cafe racer motorcycle handlebars are low-slung bars that give the rider the right posture for racing. While British bikes were the first motorcycles to be modified, Japanese bikes, especially any 4-cylinder Honda cafe racer motorcycle, were the most common racers of the 1970s. A short while later, motorcycle manufacturers like BMW and Harley-Davidson began releasing factory cafe racers. However, nothing beats the appeal of a Japanese cafe racer motorcycle and, thankfully, you can find a wide selection of these offered by trusted sellers on eBay.

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