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About Cafe Racer Jackets

Always hip and never out of style, the Cafe Racer Jacket is as relevant today as decades ago. Named after the lightweight motorcycle used by European hipsters to dash from cafe to cafe, the Cafe Racer Jacket now permeates both motorcycle culture and mainstream fashion. While some refer to the traditional biker jacket with a lapel collar such as the one worn by Brando in "The Wild Ones" as a Cafe Racer, the classic version, as epitomized by the Schott Cafe Racer Jacket, features a thin, tab collar with a zip front closure and a slim fit along the torso and arms. It is, of course, more often leather than not and can feature extra padding and detailing at the shoulders or elbows. You also often see front zip pockets at either the breast or lower down the torso for easy access by the hands. Black is the most common color, though you also see browns and multi-colored varieties on occasion. To find your own version of this motorcycle classic, take a look through the vast inventory of options, including Harley Cafe Racer Jackets, on eBay.

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