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About Cadillac SRX

Have you ever just wanted to get into a car and drive without worrying about what you might have forgotten to pack? The Cadillac SRX, based on the revolutionary Provoq frame, erases all of that nagging doubt with one simple fact — it has everything you need. With a Northstar V8 engine and 6L50 6-speed automatic transmission, this car demands attention and commands respect through its power and its presence. You can find Cadillac SRX parts and Cadillac SRX accessories such as spare tires, maintenance kits, fenders, headlights, and much more on eBay to make sure that your car remains in good condition over time. Take control of your garage schedule and never lose the desire to travel by maintaining and repairing your Cadillac SRX without the need for expensive visits to the body shop. An SUV like this one, with an optional 2.8L turbocharged gasoline engine and a commanding 110.5-inch wheelbase, rewards its owner for building and maintaining a base of knowledge about the basic requirements and day to day operations of its internal systems.