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From the earliest days of trucks, putting the engine under the seat was a common design. In the boom years after WWII and the first decades of the Interstate Highway System, length restrictions on trucks in certain parts of the country made cabovers the obvious choice for long-haul trips because the shorter cab could fit a longer trailer. When truck-length regulations were set by the federal government in the 1982 Surface Transportation Assistance Act, cabovers became unnecessary and started to fade out of the market. While you don’t see them on the street much anymore, you can still find trucks and models within the vast selection of cabovers listed on eBay.

About Cabovers

The vast expanse of the open highway is your office, a steering wheel is your desk, and the commitment you make to your customers is your time clock. As an independent truck driver, you call the shots, but you need a truck like a conventional tractor trailer or cab-over truck. In a cab-over, the cab of the truck sits over the engine, leaving the truck with a flat front face. This design saves space and gives drivers better views of the highways, because they sit higher than they do in a snout-nosed truck. These trucks remain popular in Japan and Europe where local regulations restrict the length of truck trailers. They also still appear on American highways, especially among drivers who prefer the way cab-over trucks ride and need to maneuver the vehicle in tight spaces. If you enjoy the freedom you have as an independent truck driver, you can find a large inventory on eBay of cab-over trucks to use for the job. Whether you put it to work or let it retire as part of a collection, your cab-over truck is a piece of automotive history.