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About Cabinet Photos

When you were growing up, your mother or grandmother probably pulled out the old family albums, showing you old vintage pictures of your family from generations gone by. Many of the older photos that you saw were cabinet photos. These photos were popular after the Civil War and during the Victorian era. These cabinet photos were able to give a more detail-focused photograph for people of the era. While many people look for these cards so that they can find photos of their ancestors, many people collect them for the history. Cabinet photo albums are very popular with collectors as well. Many of them are empty, but you can find albums filled with photos as well. Cabinet wedding photos are beautiful snippets of history from the Victorian era. The photos showed off the beautiful dresses and suits of the time, catching a piece of time frozen forever in the photograph. Whether you are looking to pick up a piece of history or looking for something specific, the many reliable sellers on eBay have plenty of photos to consider.

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