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About Cabin Air Filters

Allergy season is fast approaching, and you are doing everything you can to avoid the misery that comes with it. You already changed the air filters in your home, but you cannot forget about the cabin air filter in your car. Found on most modern cars, air filters trap dust, allergens, and pollutants to keep you breathing easy during your morning commute. No more stuffy nose or puffy eyes when you show up to work. Your Honda cabin air filter ensures the air in your Accord is clean and fresh. Just like engine air filters and oil filters, these filters get clogged over time and need to be replaced every year or around every 12,000 miles. With an expansive inventory of car parts and accessories, eBay makes it easy to find replacement filters for your car. For even better filtration, switch to a carbon cabin air filter, which removes unpleasant exhaust fumes and odors as well as particulates. While a cabin air filter cannot transform an minivan into a Maserati, it can give you a breath of fresh, pollen-free air when your allergies need it most.

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