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About Cabbage Patch Babies

Cabbage Patch babies were the sort of toy that caused parents to stand in line for hours, battling over them in the aisles of the store, and getting up before sunrise on Christmas Day to present them perfectly wrapped to their kids. Nothing offers a sense of nostalgia like Cabbage Patch baby dolls from your childhood, which were one of the most popular toys to hit market in the 1980s. Many toys from that recent decade are becoming collectible, as those that were growing up at that time are hitting a point in life that they want to pass the joys of their childhood down to their kids. Cabbage Patch babies were not just for girls, as boys could enjoy them as well; there was an entire line of Cabbage Patch baby boy dolls. There are newer versions available, but the vintage items have retained the most value both personally and monetarily. No matter which doll you are looking for, you are sure to find a perfect toy for your collection listed by the reliable sellers on eBay.