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About Cabbage Patches

It’s one of the oddities in life; that a children’s toy as unattractive as Cabbage Patch dolls can create such a state of hysteria in young children and parents alike. When Cabbage Patch kids first arrived on the scene of children’s toys, their squished up faces and weird name did nothing to quell the fever pitch that became a full-on Cabbage Patch mania. Every child wanted one, and every parent was desperate to get hold of a doll for their child for Christmas–it caused mayhem and carnage in toy stores everywhere. Amazingly, Cabbage Patch dolls have made their way back into the lives of young children and the cycle begins again. However, for those who were children-of-the-not-too-distant-past; now as adults, you may finally indulge that unfulfilled wish and get yourself some real, vintage Cabbage Patch kids from reliable sellers on eBay–because the new hasn’t a patch of the old.