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About C5 Corvette

The curvaceous, elegant shape of the C5 Corvette is something of an automotive style icon and offers a distinct design departure from its predecessor, the C4. The C5 is the stuff of many a car enthusiast’s daydreams, and posters of this classic model adorn boys’ rooms all over the world. The highest performing model, the Z06 is more than capable of turning heads on the street and leaving all other cars eating your dust at the traffic lights. Of course, you need to keep up with repairs and maintenance for optimal performance. New and refurbished parts and accessories are not hard to come by, especially on eBay. Corvette C5 accessories include custom wing spoilers, carbon fiber hoods, and alloy wheels to add even more of wow factor to your already amazing speed machine. After you get your beautiful baby back on the road or looking just the way you want it to, feed it some gas and indulge in your need for speed.