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About Buzz Lightyear

Everyone needs a hero to look up to. "To infinity and beyond." your child screams while pretending to be his hero, "Toy Story" Buzz Lightyear. Buzz is more than just a cartoon character to many children; he is the intergalactic Alliance's Team Captain, stationed in the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4, and he has dedicated his life to fighting the Zurg. For fans of "Toy Story" Buzz Lightyear, there is a plethora of different models available to collect and play with. The Buzz Lightyear talking action figure features a real Buzz voice as performed by the film's original voice actor, Tim Allen. For young fans, you can buy costumes, including Buzz Lightyear wings and backpacks that stretch out to give an authentic look. If you are looking to give your children a burst of imagination with "Toy Story" toys and accessories, look no further than the long list of trusted sellers on eBay looking to provide you with new or used gifts for the world's future heroes.