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About Butterscotch Pony

Yeehaw — it is playtime down at the barnyard. Let your little one saddle up and ride off into the sunset on the Butterscotch pony from Hasbro. This pint-sized stuffed pony fosters the imaginations of little cowboys and cowgirls by encouraging creative play with lifelike pony sounds and actions. Imagine the squeals of delight when your children discover that their furry pony friend responds to their voices and makes realistic movements while they "ride" around the playroom. This ride-on toy holds children up to 80 lbs. and withstands years of trail rides and imaginative play. Both educational and entertaining, this interactive toy helps children foster creativity and learn to care for animals, as he sports soft palomino "fur" that is fun for children to groom with a compatible pony brush. Another option for bringing smiles to your little ones' faces comes in the form of a smaller Butterscotch pony that is portable and can accompany children wherever their adventures take them. Available among the vast inventory on eBay, rope this palomino pal for your cowpoke's next round up.

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