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About Butterscotch Amber

From its prominent place in the jewelry store the large beads of the necklace look so warm and inviting they could easily be mistaken for caramel candy. In fact, the Butterscotch Amber stones used in the necklace get their name from their rich, dark caramel color. Many of the finest pieces originate from Russia and the Baltic regions and eventually end up on eBay. Reliable sellers offer everything from a brand new Butterscotch Amber necklace from the hottest jewelry designers to antique pieces carefully kept for generations. Pieces that have expert polishing and exhibit fine grain lines often end up as the centerpiece of a Butterscotch Amber ring. Butterscotch Amber is one of the rarer shades of this natural stone along with Green Amber, and is hotly sought after by jewelry collectors all around the world. Many believe that amber has healing properties, and while this may or may not be true, owning a piece of this lovely jewelry is one way to brighten up anyone's day.