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About Butterfly Bedding

Did you know that the butterfly is symbolic of transformation and change? When it comes to your daughter’s bedroom décor, butterfly bedding is a perfect choice, especially during that period when she transitions from a baby into a toddler. It can be difficult to get some children to leave the crib and move to a toddler bed. If you have this kind of problem, you can reuse some crib bedding on your child’s toddle bed, which might help her get used to the new bed. Young girls aren’t the only ones who fall for butterflies though. You can find also more grown-up and sophisticated butterfly bedding made for queen beds on eBay. These adult patterns are often on richer fabrics, such as high quality linens, and come in muted colors like creams, grey, or muted purples. These softer approaches to bedding are a lovely way for the grown up woman with responsibilities and a career, go back to her childhood favorite theme. Women, like butterflies, go through transformations, and they offer a perfect symbolic message for a girl of any age.