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About Butcher Block Table

All-white kitchens with stainless steel appliances are not for everyone, although you would not know it from looking at the design magazines. If that bright white look makes you feel like you are in a spaceship, a warm farmhouse kitchen with a butcher block table might make you feel right at home. With proper care, a butcher block table can last forever, so it should not be impossible to find an antique table. Search through the large inventory of antique butcher block tables on eBay for one that fits your room shape and decor. Even if the table has damage, it is easy enough to sand it down and restore it to perfection. Maple is a classic choice for kitchen use since it is so hard, but you can get butcher block made of any kind of wood. Stick to a manufacturer with a strong reputation, such as John Boos or The Boardsmith, if you want to ensure high quality, but you can certainly find solid tables from smaller manufacturers too. Keep in mind that a thicker table usually lasts better over the long run, since it is less prone to warping. If you already have a table frame that you love, save money by buying the top separately. Combine your new butcher block with some colorful paint on the walls, and you are well on your way to having a warm, livable kitchen.