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About Bus Seats

That empty-looking van sitting in your garage can soon be transformed into a practical vehicle when you add the right seats. Whether you are starting a transportation business or creating a large family vehicle, you can use bus seats to your advantage. Often available in rows of two or three, bus seats are ideal for creating a vehicle that features an aisle down the middle. When converting a normal-size van, this allows you to add six seats while leaving a loading area for luggage. To make the ride extra comfortable, opt for reclining seats with footrests that allow your passengers to kick back and sleep during long journeys. If you are transporting children, try school bus seats. These seats usually feature safety harnesses, giving you peace of mind as you transport little ones from place to place. To maximize space, try shuttle bus seats, which are closer together than standard seats, making it easier for you to create wide walkways. When you shop the vast inventory of bus seats on eBay, you can upgrade your current vehicle or transform an empty van into something that carries passengers.