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About Burberry Watches

If you have a love for British fashion, swagger, and heritage, then showcase your devotion with a Burberry watch. A fusion of classic style and modern touches, the Burberry line features quality construction and a signature plaid design. The men's Burberry watch has a distinct octagon shaped case with a D-ring bezel and a trench coat palette. Its transparent back includes the trademark Burberry logo and leather straps in black, brown, or blue that coordinate with the face plate. The City Sport collection includes watches with brightly colored leather or metal straps and angular details. The same attention to detail is seen in the women's Burberry watch collection, which includes feminine accents like precious stones and diamond faceplates. The distinctive double leather band of the Utilitarian watch has a vintage look, and the watch itself has Swiss-made movements. On the back of the band, hand stamped letters indicate the watch is a genuine Burberry design. Search the large inventory on eBay to find a Burberry watch for yourself or someone you love. For those with refined taste, Burberry is the epitome of cultivated style.