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About Bumper Guards

Whether your car is new or old, you want to do everything you can to avoid costly breakdowns and repairs. A bumper guard is one easy precaution you can take against a visit to the auto body shop. Attaching to your front and back bumpers, these guards provide buffers against any scratches and dents that might occur if you accidentally run into something or someone bumps you in the parking lot. There are a variety of bumper guards available, ranging from unobtrusive ones that blend seamlessly with your vehicle design to larger types that are more noticeable. A rear bumper guard may lie flat against the entire bumper or simply adhere to the corners of your car, sticking out to provide a lip that acts as a buffer zone between you and other cars. You can find a front bumper guard that consists of bars that attach directly to the grille, or opt for another design, such as a license plate cover that sticks out to provide protection against impacts. Browse the large selection of bumper guards on eBay to find the ones you need to keep your car out of the repair shop.