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About Bumble Bee Costumes

Buzzing around from party to party is the perfect life for busy bees. Bumble bee costumes have all of the hallmarks of the winged insects without the sting. The characteristic yellow and black stripes appear on numerous outfits for all ages, from infants to teens to adults. Baby bumble bee costumes are as sweet as honey and comprise a striped bodysuit with a black hood. Some miniature outfits are more elaborate, with black antenna featuring bright yellow pom-poms at the ends and a set of delicate wings. Dress the whole family in bee costumes and invite friends and family to join you in the hive for Halloween. Adult bumble bee Halloween costumes are often just as cute as children's versions. They can feature stripy tunics paired with black leggings or they can be sexy, strapless minidresses with antenna attached to stylish headbands. Browse the listings of bumble bee costumes from sellers on eBay so you can flit from flower to flower, setting the party abuzz with a sting of excitement.