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About Bulova Precisionist

With 1/1000 second precision, the Bulova Precisionist redefines accuracy. This timepiece is unrivaled in the watch industry because it features exceptional technology that elevates timekeeping to a new level. To put it into context, the average quartz watch is accurate to within 15 seconds per month, while a Precisionist is accurate to within 10 seconds per year. This is due to the innovative crystal with three prongs that creates a torsional resonator, which means that they twist instead of moving back and forth, allowing them to vibrate eight times more than the mechanisms in traditional quartz watches, offering superior accuracy. Bulova Precisionist ladies' and men's watches are available, and they are water resistant up to 999 feet. These models have the signature continuously sweeping — instead of ticking — second hand. For a robust design, choose the Bulova Precisionist 96B175 chronograph with a black carbon fiber dial and stainless steel case and strap. The watch fastens with an elegant foldover clasp with a push button. For meticulous design with unparalleled accuracy, browse the range of Bulova Precisionist watches on eBay.