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About Bullet Turn Signals

During warm months, you spend a great deal of time out riding your Harley, and the last thing you want to worry about is your turn signal lights burning out. By replacing your current turn signals with bullet turn signals, you will not only increase the expected life of your bulbs, but you will have a stylish addition to your bike. LED bullet turn signals are so-named because these lights have bullet-shaped chrome housings. With LED lights, you get an ultra-bright signal and a long-lasting bulb that can last as much as 100 times longer than a standard bulb. Installation is also straightforward with these new bullet turn signals so you can get back out on the road more quickly. Once you are ready to upgrade to motorcycle bullet turn signals, make sure to shop the large selection on eBay first, as reliable sellers are constantly adding new inventory so you are sure to find the right products for your Harley.