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About Bullet Proof Vest

Kevlar saved lives in the 1970s when police started to use this high tech, dense fiber in the newly invented bullet proof vest, also called the ballistic or bullet resistant vest. Members of the military, security guards, and bodyguards also wear bullet proof vests. Anyone over the age of 18 of can buy one in the United States as long as they are not a felon. The National Institute of Justice or NIJ rates all body armor according to the threat it can stop. A Level 2 vest can stop a .9 mm or a .357 magnum bullet, and a Level 3 vest can stop a round from an assault rifle. The highest rating is Level 4. These vests have metal or ceramic plates as well as Kevlar, and they can stop armor piercing rounds and people with knives. However, you still absorb the bullet's energy even though the vest stops the bullet. Since this can cause painful injuries like bruises, it is always best to use caution when wearing a vest. You can use the reliable sellers on eBay to find a great deal on the best bullet proof vest for your protection.

Whether you work in law enforcement or you're military personnel, a bulletproof vest is a sound investment. These vests, found by browsing through personal security, differ in the level of protection they provide as well as in weight and size, making it imperative to find one that fits your body type. If you intend to use the vest for recreational sport, such as hunting, be sure to check out the wide selection on eBay.

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