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About Bullet Necklaces

Studs, spikes, and chains are certainly tough-looking, and they can help you make a striking impact with your edgiest outfits. However, bullet necklaces also make fantastic finishing touches. For your dressier days, or when you wear a monochrome outfit and want to make a statement, try a crystal bullet necklace. These lengthy pendants include chunks of raw blue quartz crystal attached by a gold bullet point to a gold chain. With no two necklaces looking exactly alike, you can easily get some for all of your friends, or grab a few for yourself so that you always have necklace options. A gold bullet necklace is another way to make a fantastic impression. These pendants include a real gold-plated bullet attached to a chain. You can wear one of these necklaces alone, or combine it with other gold and silver jewelry. Regardless, this pretty necklace remains the star attraction and may earn you plenty of questions from others about where you found it. You can shop for bullet necklaces today by browsing the vast inventory on eBay.