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About Bull Bars

When you live in the middle of nowhere, you never quite know what to expect on a country road in the middle of the night. You have seen loose cows, stampeding horses, and more deer than the entire human population of Montana, which is why you want to outfit your family and farm vehicles with bull bars. Made from heavy-gauge stainless steel in silver or black powder coating and meant to withstand a sudden and unexpected impact from a random farm or wild animal, bull bars can help protect your vehicles from costly repairs and refinishes. The bars wrap around your front bumper and grille, shielding your car from dings and dents by road debris. Adding a bull bar can keep your bumper intact and protect you and your family from animal encounters. Custom truck bull bars are molded to the style and design contours of your car's front bumper, grille, and fenders. Dodge RAM bull bars, for example, follow the bubbled curves and exaggerated fenders of the RAM's signature style cues. Browse the large inventory on eBay to find bull bars from popular manufacturers like Westin and Frontier along with options to fit nearly every model of truck, SUV, and sedan.