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About Bulk Flash Drives

After last week's computer meltdown that cost you enormous amounts of data, you know that keeping bulk flash drives on hand for storage is a necessity of life. These powerful storage devices give you the ability to store thousands of photographs, documents, video files, and other important media in a very small form. USB flash drives, also known as memory sticks or thumb drives, are inexpensive and small enough to carry in your pocket or on keychains for easy access. You do not have to be a computer genius to use a USB thumb drive. It simply plugs into the USB port on your computer or tablet to give you easy access to the storage space. Browse the large inventory on eBay to find bulk flash drives in various capacities. Bulk 1 GB flash drives store more than 18,000 documents, 200 songs, or 600 photos per device, on average. If your collection of songs, photos, and documents is much more extensive, you may want to look for bulk 2 GB flash drives to gain even greater storage capacity. Keeping several flash drives on hand allows you to store your project files, personal documents, music, and photos on separate drives for optimal organization.