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About Buggy Wheels

Dune buggies have long been a popular form of transportation for the off-roader. eBay's reliable sellers provide many types of new and used dune buggy wheels that you may need to keep your off-roader on the road. Typically, 1/8 buggy wheels or 1/10 buggy wheels are the standard measures for these fun off-roaders. Dune buggies grew out of stripping down Volkswagen Beetles, or "bugs", to their car chassis for use as an off-road vehicle. The bug chassis became a popular choice as the car's design includes a rear-mounted engine, which allows for most of the buggy's weight to sit on the back of the rear-wheel-drive vehicle, providing added traction and control. Nowadays, dune buggies utilize any vehicle chassis, and some builders use steel pipes and equip them with a roll cage. Whatever type of buggy you may have—and wherever you may want it to take you—the right dune buggy wheels are essential to conquering the toughest terrain and enjoying the open off-road.