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About Bug Deflector

There are two signs that winter is over – warmer weather and bugs splattering the hood of your car. Thankfully, you have a big deflector on the hood, so all the smashed bugs are on the deflector rather than ruining your paint job. Those pesky little things love flying right into your truck and splattering on the chrome deflector. There’s no way to avoid hitting the bugs, so it is wise for drivers to buy a bug deflector from eBay and have it installed on the front of their cars or trucks – especially if the vehicle is new or recently painted. Just imagine how much easier it is to clean bugs off a chrome bug deflector than it is to clean them off an expensive new paint job. The bug shield attaches to your hood, just above the grill and headlights, and it spans the entire length of the hood. When it comes time to wash your car, you’ll see how many of those pests have turned your car into a rolling cemetery and you’ll be glad you got that bug deflector.

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