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About Buffet R13 Clarinet

Since 1955, the Buffet R13 clarinet has wowed both professional and amateur musicians. This popular clarinet underwent a redesign four decades later, resulting in a few minor changes, such as a shorter bell and tone hole adjustments. Keys are either nickel-plated or silver-plated, and the instrument is professional quality while still suitable for any musician. The Buffet R13 clarinet family includes three other styles in its lineup. The R13 Vintage debuted in 1996, one year after the redesigned R13. Its design came about in response to players looking for the sound of the original R13. For the virtuoso clarinetist, Buffet offers the R13 Prestige, made with metal tenon rings, a hand-burnished bore, and top quality wood. The R13 Festival caters to musicians playing a wider variety of music styles, like teachers. The undercut tone holes produce a warm sound. For some of its clarinet designs, Buffet uses a more eco-friendly construction. Wood scraps are powdered and combined with carbon fibers to create durable clarinets that sound identical to solid wood instruments. The vast inventory on eBay offers a wide range of Buffet instruments to ensure that your musical skills never fall out of tune.