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About Buell XB

For a long time, you favored the classic look and touring pedigree of Harley-Davidson bikes over the lithe frames of sport bikes. And now that you have finally decided to get a street racer, only a Buell XB motorcycle will do. The Buell Motorcycle Company was founded by a former Harley-Davidson engineer, but the brand was later sold to Harley before it was folded up and resurrected as Erik Buell Racing. If you want a sports bike with a Harley-Davidson soul, then you should get a Buell XB12R. The XB12R has a turbocharged, 1203 cc engine and a powertrain designed by Harley-Davidson. While it handles excellently on the street, you need a Buell XB12X if you plan to go off-road. Compared to the XB12R, the XB12X has a larger fuel tank, a different frame, longer wheelbase and swing arm, taller suspensions, and seats better suited for riding on rough roads. Buell describes it as the world's first adventure sportbike, and you can find one among the wide selection of Buell XB bikes offered by reliable sellers on eBay.