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About Budweiser Beer Steins

Make a toast to health and good fortune, and make it an impressive one by filling Budweiser beer steins with a round of ale. Sets of the classic steins in your home bar tell your guests that you want them to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Budweiser beer steins might be made of pewter, porcelain, or stoneware — "stein" is German for "stone" — but all keep the beer at its optimal cool temperature. Vintage Budweiser beer steins display intricate designs, often hand painted, and many show the company's trademark Clydesdale horses prancing around. Some vintage steins from the 1970s come in the shape of the character Budman, with his head as the flip-up top of the mug. You can also collect sets of Budweiser holiday beer steins showing winter scenery or Christmas themes, such as the Clydesdales decked out with jingle bells on their harnesses while they canter though the snow. Use them as the glasses at your holiday get-togethers. The trusted sellers on eBay make it possible for you to collect enough Budweiser beer stein sets to display around the bar, use for everyday, and keep for special occasions.

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