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About Buddy Holly

Few names in entertainment memorabilia have more attraction than Buddy Holly. As one of the early rock and roll stars, he helped set the style for the standard band of two guitars, a bass, and drums. His band was one of the first to bridge racial lines, playing for minority crowds, and he was one of the first stars to write, sing, and produce his own songs. Some of the popular collectables of this great performer include poster selections, such as the famed Winter Dance Party poster. This poster is of particular significance since it represents the tour that Holly was on when his plane crashed in 1959, killing the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens as well. Having influenced stars like the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan, Holly's music continues on long after his short-lived career. Audiophiles can pick up vintage LP records on eBay that include "Peggy Sue," the 1958 "That'll Be the Day," and albums from his band, The Chirping Crickets. Those new to his music can check out the 1999 DVD, "The Buddy Holly Story," starring Gary Busey as the rockabilly star. No rock memorabilia collection is complete without Buddy Holly. Round out your collection today with a poster, ticket or autograph from this great rocker.