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About Bucillas

Spending hours staring at the ceiling after coming home from work and doing housework is never fun. Instead of dying from boredom every evening and on weekends, take up a craft, like needle working, and purchase a Bucilla brand kit to start learning. The company has been around for 150 years, producing high quality needlework kits for beginners to experts. Three product lines are available including Baby, Felt, and Stitchery. However, you can also find vintage Bucilla kits from previous product lines. One of the most popular product lines is the Bucilla Felt kit products. The Felt line contains kits for making Christmas stockings and seasonal decor kits. Both the Baby and Stitchery lines offer a wide range of cross-stitch kits for creating pillows, quilts, bags, and much more. When you purchase a kit, make sure you have extra sewing needles on hand, and hoops or frames. You will find many Bucilla kits available from the reliable sellers on eBay, as well as all other needlepoint supplies.

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