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About Bubble Wrap

You have put off packing for as long as you can, and moving day is sneaking up fast. In order to avoid breaking your belongings in the move, you know you need bubble wrap. Luckily, you can find large bubble wrap for all your lamps, bowls, and larger breakables from reliable sellers on eBay. For your smaller items, consider bubble wrap bags. The bags come in a variety of different sizes, so you can slide a full size plate in one, or small salt and pepper shakers in another. Convenient shipping options help get the bubble wrap to you in a reasonable amount of time, so you still have enough time to pack. Once you get everything moved into your new home, it is unlikely that you will have a problem getting help with unpacking; everyone loves to play with these bubbly sheets. If you can keep your friends from popping all those protective bubbles, you can store the bubble wrap in the garage and use it for a variety of tasks and projects.