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About BSA

The Birmingham Small Arms Company started in Birmingham, England in 1861 and operated under that name for decades. It was originally a group of various businesses that formed a company and produced multiple products under the umbrella name. In the beginning, the BSA was largely an arms manufacturer that produced weapons used during the First World War. Later, it branched out into producing metals, car bodies, and even motorcycles in the early 1900's. Although Manganese Bronze Holdings bought the company and changed the name many years ago, parts for the BSA motorcycle, specifically for the BSA A10, the A65, and the Gold Star models, are available on eBay. A motorbike that is rich in history and that comes from a much simpler time is truly vintage, and reliable sellers on eBay have all kinds of parts to keep your beloved bike running. Keep the BSA name alive for years to come by maintaining their superb rustic products.