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About Brushless DC Motor

When you need to use almost any motor-powered device, you often have the choice between a brushed DC motor and a brushless DC motor. While they both work to power things from radio-controlled cars to model airplanes to power tools, there are some differences between the two motors. First introduced in the commercial marketplace in the 1960s, brushless DC motors are powered by direct current. While a brushed DC motor operates by mechanical commutation with brushes, the brushless motor operates by electronic commutation. Because there are no mechanical parts for wear and tear, the brushless DC motor typically lasts longer, is more efficient, and requires less maintenance. The brushless motor also offers more torque per weight, more torque per watt, and reduced noise over the brushed motor. You can find these motors in sizes for many household devices and systems, including CD and DVD players, computer hard drives, and even HVAC and refrigeration systems in 12-volt, 18-volt, and even 24-volt varieties. Browse the large inventory of brushless DC motors on eBay to find the replacement motor that gives you the power you need.