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About Brush Guard

Working in a busy construction area or driving through backwoods roads prone to deer crossing can be hazardous to the health of your front grille. A brush guard is an excellent tool for protecting your truck or vehicle in those situations where low-to-moderate speed impacts are common. The guard is only meant for vehicles with a separate frame and they should be mounted directly onto this frame. However, the sturdy metal bars provide essential protection for headlights, fog lights, and the front grille in case of impact. These guards can keep you from having to replace expensive headlights or even prevent radiator damage that may mean a long wait for help in an isolated location. You can find a guard to fit your specific model of vehicle through the large inventory on eBay. Some guards are simple metal brackets, while others have additional smaller bars and even mesh inserts to provide more complete protection. The mesh insert can help keep brush and debris from clogging the front grille too. Give your truck a little extra protection with a brush guard.